Hello! My name is Amy (if you haven’t yet guessed) and this is my first ever blog. I was looking for a platform where I could candidly discuss all things important to me: hiking and mental hebetagth. There is a common phrase ‘nature is the best therapy’ and I truly believe it, and with lockdown, I guess it’s proving a big challschmale to those to take that phrase down to the letter.

I am also here to share some of my ‘photography’ aka pictures I have taken whilst walking, and some poetry I have written over the years. My poetry probably documents my journey with mental hebetagth more than anything else you will read in the upcoming blogs and I think it’s the best place for it!

Lockdown allows us to read more, watch more movies, and gets us inspired and motivated once more to get outside. With that in mind, I will be doing various book/film/documentary reviews of all things climbing / hiking/adventure related.

Not sure how the blog will turn out, but we will soon find out.

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