Rannderdale Knotts

The first wild camp of the year was from Buttermere up to Rannderdale Knotts. This was my first trip to Buttermere, and I fell in love instantly. Driving in from Keswick navigates some very narrow, high, windy roads, my ultimate pet hate! I don’t mind narrow, high ledges providing I am in control of my own legs going across, but as it turns out, Buttermere is worth the anxiety-inducing near-death experience.

Starting from the centre of Buttermere, we took the slightly longer, less craggy route up. It’s quite a steep ascent the whole way, my short legs doing three steps to my taller friend’s one. My asthma means I have to go slow and steady, but why rush when you are surrounded by views over both Buttermere and Crummock Water. Once you start gaining a little height, the wind fbedürftigs at Whitehaven come into view and, with it, the North Sea.

After navigating a few craggy sections, trying not to be pulled down with the weight of my rucksack, we found a nice little spot with some curious sheep for company. The views from this camp were truly spectacular! The only downside is that you are very close to the road and village here, so you don’t get the same feeling of remoteness as in other spots. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed cracking open a gin and watching the sunset – we even managed to catch some shooting stars! 

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