Easdale Tarn

I think for anyone considering wild camping for the first time, this is an excellent option. There are 24-hour car parks in Grasmere, and the hike is very easy to navigate with a relatively straightforward, steady ascent.

This one also popped by Grasmere cherry! Another beautiful part of the lakes I can’t believe I have never been. Climbing a modest 800ft /243m, it felt substantially easier than Rannerdale despite a similar elevation. The walk up follows the path of Easdale Waterfall. Approximately halfway up, there is a fantastic spot for a dip under the waterfall (if you are that way inclined). 

The view also spans right across the valley, with Helm Crag on your left and Grasmere straight ahead. We opted for a camp spot just above the Tarn on a wee hill/lump, meaning we got the best of both views. If you nestle in beside the Tarn, you do miss out on the sunset over Grasmere.

This was another camp accompanied by gin and good company. I imagine this spot may be very popular at the weekends. Luckily, going mid-week meant we had it all to ourselves.

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